Hi, my name is Soula. I hate writing about myself, because it always seems a bit 'braggy', but I guess you need to know your teacher is credible. Here goes!

I specialise in small group, in 5 day masterclasses in microblading and PMU.


I am a firm advocate that a teacher is only as good as their student’s work, and I guess I am known for my ’tell-you-all-my-secrets’ style and I have been told I am down-to-earth, and approachable.

I started as a part-time make-up artist in London, while studying to complete my Master’s degree in International Banking and finance. After receiving my diploma, I put it on my mum’s dusty bookshelf 13 year ago and never looked back!


Since then I have amassed an abundance of make-up experience, both as an artist and as a trainer. I have won international make-up competitions, have been featured in many national magazines, performed as lead make-up artist in Greece’s national fashion show, and presented my work on national TV shows in addition to studying under some of the industry’s biggest names - I currently have my own line of luxury false eyelashes in department stores sold throughout Greece.


But I was always obsessed with the idea of making my make-up results… permanent. So, I delved into the world of PMU…

I credit my extensive make-up experience with my ability to have adapted to PMU so quickly, to absorb mainstream concepts, and add a twist of make-up artistry, and a garnish of my own creativity to produce unique results.

In a short time frame I developed new techniques, such as ‘Candy Lips’: in which 6 colours are interspersed to create a 3D, ‘shimmer look’, and the ‘MicroDerma(TM) Scale’: a new eyebrow measuring technique that is designed to help beginners achieve a perfect, scalable shape for each customer - even if they have no hair.

I truly believe that although make-up and permanent make-up are separate disciplines, there is a considerable overlap that can be adapted to produce truly unique results in a safe, and lasting way.


We are finally at a crossroads where PMU technology and techniques have developed to a point where they can be used to adapt advanced make-up concepts to product fantastic (in some cases, lifechanging results). It is a very exciting time and I am glad to be a part of it!


Although I do love PMU, my true passion is using my skills to enhance the confidence of women (and men) who have experienced medical related hair loss (e.g. alopecia or chemotherapy related hair loss). It is wonderful to see.

Although a teacher myself, I don’t believe in the binary definitions of ‘teacher’ and ‘student’. I believe good teachers should always consider themselves as students, as it is arrogant to believe you cannot learn from others - no matter how good you are. So don’t be surprised if you turn your head at your next conference or class, and see me sitting next to you!


Here's a small sample of my work, enjoy!



Click below for free tips and tutorials videos on microblading, from Soula Kou!


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